About us


  • I began my life with flowers by happy accident. While planning my own wedding, I met Chazz Levi, a NYC florist and recent Hudson Valley transplant. A conversation began, Chazz was hired, and a friendship developed. Six months after the wedding, Chazz hired me. Under her mentorship, I learned the art of flowers. Fast forward three years, Chazz changed career paths, and Linda Baldwin Flowers began. I still recall those first trips to the NYC flower market, the early morning drives down the Taconic before the sun came up, and the overall excitement of the market in those days, filled with an almost overwhelming abundance of color and beauty.

    I would be nothing without my fabulous team. Michael Harder has been working with me for almost fourteen years. He is resourceful, talented, patient, and creative. Michael McGhee, my husband and partner, is our lighting guru. Together, we make magic happen.

Our Philosophy
  • Our Philosophy

  • Our design philosophy can be distilled down to a few basic ideas:

    Our clients inspire us and dictate our approach. Each project should reflect their individual perspective.

    We are constantly awed by nature and good design in all forms. If we can’t find it, we will make it.

    It’s a party after all
    Weeks and months are spent planning events. What matters most? Those moments spent with your friends and family. Don’t sweat the small stuff. That's why we're here.

Scope of Work
  • Scope of Work

  • Our business has evolved in response to the needs of our clients. Apart from the lush, evocative flowers we are known for, we also handle everything from custom linens, installation our own lighting, furniture rental, and project coordination. Custom event proposals are created based on our client's vision and scope. Please give us a call or send an email, so we may begin the conversation.

    By appointment.